Tousek T10 Premium Sliding Gate Motor - for gates & sloping blocks heavy duty residential

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The Tousek Sliding gate motor is a great solution for residential or light industrial sliding gates which are on a slope or not level ground. The motor will also perform exceptionally on level ground

Made in Austria, the Tousek gate motor is 240v and features an oil bath gearbox with tempered steel metal gears (most moors have glass injected plastic gears). The sliding gate motor is made from one piece die cast aluminium and features a self learning control board with lcd screen which is visible without removing the cover.

This sliding gate motor is one of the best available motors on the market, in terms of design and power, it really stands out as the "Ferrari" of sliding gate motors, although made in Austria : )

Please see a list of Tousek sliding gate motor features below:-

  • max gate weight of 800kg on flat level ground or 150kg on sloping block with 10% incline
  • Includes radio receiver and two remote controls and motor base plate for easy mounting to concrete pad
  • Lcd display on motor cover
  • Durable construction and design ensures insects have little chance of entering gate motor 
  • Oil bath gearbox with steel gearing
  • Key lockable manual release in case of power failure
  • Easy to use control board with self learning programming
  • Soft close and opening ensuring smooth operation of your gate
  • Lots of safety and access control options are available
  • A UPS can be used on this motor in case of power failure 
  • Gates on slopes may require extra safety accessories such as hydraulic dampeners when manual release is used

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Best Sliding Gate Motor for residential gates on flat ground or sloping blocks

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