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Powered Gates Australia is a distributor of quality made automation products which include Gate Motors and fittings from quality suppliers.

Powered Gates Australia covers all online automation sales with a 2 year “parts replacement” warranty. Items installed by Powered Gates Australia are  covered by a 2 year onsite replacement warranty.

This warranty becomes effective from the original purchase date, and the purchaser should retain the invoice supplied by Powered Gates Australia as proof of purchase. Please note external factors such as power surge, insect or flood damage is not covered by warranty. The warranty covers the product and installation.

Site Recommendations:
1. If in doubt, always contact us first. We remain available to assist you during business hours.

2. Consider installing Surge diverters on your power point or electrical switchboard. Many faults are caused by power surges and these are not covered by warranty. Surge diverters will also protect other electronic equipment such as computers and TV’s.

3. Consider applying a suitable insect repellent regularly around the installation site of the motor and outside electronic equipment, as heat generated from these devices often attracts ants and other insects which can nest inside the equipment. Please observe repellent instructions and warnings.

4. Ensure the equipment is installed correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Full list of Terms and conditions available upon checkout or Tax Invoice.

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