Traditional & Modern Style Gates

Swing Gates - Custom design and made tough

Swing gates offer a traditional style of gate opening with the option of single or double swing gate design. Many different designs are available for swing gates. When we install our swing gates, we ensure they are built strong to withstand wind and external environments.

It is important to install strong posts use adjustable hinges on our swing gates to ensure adjustment if required due to any ground movement which can happen naturally. 

Swing gates can however take more space in a driveway, so therefore they are not always a better choice over sliding gates however they certainly offer a more grand feeling when opening your gate compared to sliding gates

We offer large range of Italian made gate motors for swing gates including linear arm which is typically used for gates mounted on posts and articulated arm gate motors which are suitable for gates mounted on pillars

Our range of Italian made BFT gate motors and accessories are very suitable for swing gates made in Australia. You can increase the security of your swing gates by adding a ground stop or and electric locking device.

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