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FAQ's & more information


1. I would like a new gate made, who can I call?

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs! We offer a wide variety of packages to suit your budget and can help you design the best possible gate for your home, office or factory.

We also offer DIY gate automation packages and deliver Australia wide!

2. Is my installation covered by warranty?

Yes! All installations by Powered Gates Australia are covered by a 2 year on site warranty. Keep in mind that some faults caused by insects, electrical surge or misconduct are not covered by warranty. In simple terms, we honour our product and installation work.

Online sales are covered by a 2 year back to base warranty . PGA use products which are top quality and use industry leading european suppliers such as BFT and Combi Arialdo .

It is important that the all equipment is installed as intended and in accordance to the installation manual provided.

Please see our full Warranty terms and conditions for more information.

3. Where are the motors made?

BFT gate motors are made in Italy. BFT has been selling gate automation in Australia for 20+ years and has support branches in Melbourne and Sydney. All equipment is CE certified and meets strict european laws for automation systems.

These laws are not yet active in Australia however may be in the near future so choosing a motor which complies with CE certification will give you peace of mind for the future. Beware of cheap poor quality sliding gate motors available on the internet, they simply do not last and spare parts are generally not available. 

4. Can I use one remote to operate my Garage opener and Gate?

Yes, we will need to add a external receiver, the receiver will need to be wired into the garage operator and some programming will need to be undertaken. Because the receiver is low voltage 12/24v, this product is DIY friendly!

5. What if the mains power goes out, how will i open my gate?

Each gate motor is supplied with manual release keys which enable you to push the gate manually should it be required, alternatively, the optional back up battery will give the you up to 10 movements until mains power is restored. This does not apply for Solar gate installations which are unaffected by mains power loss.

6. Can I add accessories at any point?

Yes, all of the accessories can be added at any stage to suit your application. These days we can open gates with keypads, ground  vehicle sensors and even mobile phones so contact us to discuss your specific needs.

7. How safe is the gate system? 

All of our operators are low voltage 24V which mean your family and pets are kept safe! The motor speeds are limited to keep the system safe and in-built adjustable obstruction sensors are fitted. We recommend safety photocells to further improve the safety of the system. When photocell sensors are installed, the auto-close function can be turned on.

8. Can I automate my existing gate even if they are not in good condition?

Unfortunately, it may need some work to get it to a level of acceptance. Most gates should be able to be pushed with one finger and should move freely and evenly. This will ensure your automation system runs reliably for years to come.

9. What is the range of the remotes?

Up to 50 meters in direct line of sight. Keep in mind the following environmental factors will decrease range: trees, metal structures, hills, windscreens, brick walls. If you require more range, then an external antenna can be added!

10. How can we power the gate motor?

If you are building a new home, then having a power point at the front gate is recommended. We have other options such as low voltage power to gate and solar which could suit your application. Please contact us and we will provide you with the best available option.

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