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Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates have become increasingly popular over the years, mainly because they have significant advantages over a traditional swing gate. The main advantages of sliding gates include space saving, less moving parts than swing gates and they are generally more affordable.

There are a few different types of sliding gates too, these include the traditional sliding gate with a track bolted to a concrete pad or steel beam in the ground, also the Cantilever sliding gate which is effectively trackless and also the telescopic sliding gate which is a bi-parting sliding gate which is used when not enough space is available for the gate to slide back.

When choosing which sliding gate is best for your home or factory, its is important to consider the following:-

  • Is the driveway concrete level, or is the ground sloped?
  • What sort of vehicles will be driving through the entrance?
  • How much space is available for the gate to slide back?
  • How many vehicles will be driving through the entrance?

It is important to also consider which sliding gate motor is best suited for your sliding gate. Parameters such as gate weight, duty cycle and speed need to be considered. For example, if you live on a main road, perhaps a fast residential gate motor is best suited for the application. 

Quality hardware for sliding gates. Wheels should have quality bearings and the top guide rollers should ensure the gate moves smoothly from the open to close position by holding the sliding gate up level.

We use BFT slding gate motors which are top quality, italian made gate motors with excellent after sales and genuine warranty.

Check out our blog pages for more info on gate motors and benefits of sliding gates over swing gates.

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