Solar Kit - Heavy duty 130W Panel and 25Ah Battery Enclosure

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Solar Kit - Heavy Duty

Solar power gate motor heavy duty

This heavy duty solar kit is suitable for a range of 24v gate motors. This combination will allow the use of 1-3 light powered gate accessories along with the gate motor 

• 2 x 65W 12V High Efficiency Solar Panels (630mm x 540mm each) to be wired in series to make 24V
• 2 x 25Ah Sealed Batteries
• 1 x Solar regulator with digital display LCD and fused wiring 
• 1 x Vented Battery Enclosure (280mm x 380mm x 180mm)
• 5m of cable with connectors for solar panel

A quality solar powered gate kit 

This solar Kit can be used to power BFT, FAAC, Nice, Mhouse, DEA, any many more Italian made gate motors that are 24V