Sliding Gate Rack - Heavy duty nylon with Steel Core - 700kg - Up mount

Sale price$38.00

Heavy duty nylon gear rack required for automatic sliding gate's to connect between the gate and the motor.

The Up mount is used when the gate is sitting on a external wheel. This ensures a good connection with the sliding gate and the motor needs minimal raise off the ground.

It is usually screwed on with a 14 gauge metal screw (not supplied - 6 per meter) and is supplied in one meter lengths. (eg. 3.5 meter gate will need 4 x 1m nylon rack)

For gates up to 700kg on flat ground.

Keep in mind you will require an extra half meter than your opening width. 

TIP: You will also need to ensure there is a 1-2 mm gap between the gate motor cog and the rack so the gate does not damage the motor!

Manufacturer: Stagnoli

Country of Origin: Italy