Rising Hinge Swing Gate Motor - Articulated Arm - Italian Made Automation - Double

Sale price$2,280.00

A Special Gate Motor for Rising Hinge Swing Gates

This Italian made swing gate motor kit is suitable for rising hinge gates up to 2.5m gate and 120kg per leaf with an maximum 10 degree lift of the gate. Especially useful for gate on brick pillars so the arms can reach in and pull the gate up the rising driveway, lets face it, a lot of homes face this issue and have no choice but to install a rising hinge gate... or the Fangate! 

The advantage of these motors is the use of brass gears instead of glass filled plastic gears used in most gate motors ensuing a long lasting and reliable automation system. the arms feature steel arms with stainless steel ball joints. Max reach into the pillar is 230mm and side clearance of 350mm is required for the arms.

Internal Top mount position stops are easily fitted to set the gate positions

PGA recommends keeping rising hinge gates as light as possible, with a centre ground stop in closed position if possible

Kit includes

2 x 24v Articulated Arm Motors 

2 x Motor fixing brackets

2 x Rising hinge arms

1 x Control Panel

2 x Remote controls

Made in Italy

  • We also offer a heavier duty motor which can operate a 3m leaf at 150kg, contact us for more information
  • A 5 core cable is required across the driveway
  • Mains power is only required on one side of the driveway, however 24v External transformer and solar are also power options if required