BFT Remote Control External Antenna - to increase range of remotes

Sale price$99.00

This antenna accessory is useful in situations where greater remote control range for gate automation is required. The antenna is easy to install and should be placed as high as possible. Can be mounted directly to a post or wall.

TIP: Keep in mind trees/walls and other objects which come in the way of the remote control and antenna will decrease the range so antenna location is extremely important. 

We have seen this antenna achieve remote signal to 100 meters in clear sight of the antenna. keep in mind, if you require a longer distance, we can assist with an alternative product

WIRING: The centre conductor is connected to the Antenna symbol while the outer braided shield is connected to the opposite terminal

  • Frequency: 433 MHz 
  • Cable length: 3 meters
  • Range with antenna: up to 100 meters depending on site conditions
  • Made in Italy