Car Park Barrier Bollard - Electric or Solar Powered - Stainless Steel

Sale price$1,870.00

Our car park bollards offer a user-friendly experience, allowing you to easily control access to your car parking spot. Equipped with advanced technology, such as remote control or smartphone integration, you can conveniently lower and raise the bollards as needed. This seamless operation ensures that only authorised vehicles can enter your parking space, eliminating any worries or frustrations caused by unauthorised parkers.

Investing in these car park bollards means investing in peace of mind. Say goodbye to the stress of finding your spot occupied or having to confront others for parking in your space. With our range of bollards, you can reclaim your parking spot and enjoy the convenience and security you deserve.

Experience the harmony of functionality, durability & style with our Italian made car park bollards. Choose the reliable solution that removes the stress of others parking in your spot and indulge in a hassle-free parking experience like never before.

These barriers are available in a hardwired electric version or solar powered version

The bollards should be secured to a concrete base and come pre programmed with 2 remote controls. 

Bollard Specifications below:

Product height                                                            62cm raised or 9cm when lowered 

Motor power supply                                                    12 V
Max. motor current                                                     3 A
Motor power                                                               40 W

Opening time                                                              8 sec

Remote range (approx)                                             30 meters

(Solar) Photovoltaic panel power                              5 W
Working temperature                                                 -20 +55 °C
Protection level                                                          IP 54
Weight                                                                        21Kg

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