Cantilever Sliding Gate Kit - includes all gate hardware for 6m opening gate and 400kg

Sale price$1,795.00

Cantilever Sliding Gate Hardware Kit - Medium

A complete cantilever sliding gate kit which includes quality carriages and monorail for Cantilever gates up to 6m wide. Cantilever gates offer an advantage over traditional sliding gates where they do not have a gate track bolted to the ground surface. The gate slides within the monorail which is welded to the bottom of the gate.

The Hi Motion gate hardware is made in Italy, top quality product suitable for residential cantilever gates. The 9 wheel wheel carriage ensures smooth travel for the gate

Cantilever gate kit consists of the below:-

  • 2 x 9 wheel carriages 
  • 3 x 3m gate 70mm wide monorail (Total 9 meters - gate max 6m with min 2m-3m tail)
  • 1 x end up
  • 1 x end wheel

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