BFT Gate Motor Kit For Swing Gate - Kustos Double

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Swing Gate Motor Kit

The BFT Kustos linear drive motor is a premium motor for swing gates which are mounted on posts. We recommend a 100 x 100 steel posts with adjustable hinges

The main advantage over competitors linear swing motors is the completely covered worm screw. This ensures maximum protection against external agents (water, dust, dirt, etc.) as well as a total protection for people, preventing any type of access to the moving parts.

Designed primarily for residential use and suitable for swing gate leaves up to 2.5 metres wide and weighing up to 400kg each leaf. The motors feature adjustable position sensors which mean ground stops are not mandatory although recommended in the closed position for a more secured gate. If you wnat added security, you can add a magnetic or drop bolt lock

Made In Italy - 2 Year Warranty - Installation available in Victoria at extra cost or Australia wide delivery - contact us!

2 versions are available 

A25 Double kit - for gates to 2.5m leaf and 400kg

A40 Double kit - for gates to 4.0m leaf and 500kg -

(check other Kustos motor in store)

Kit includes:

- 2 x BFT Kustos Linear Drive Motors

- 1 x Control Panel With 230v Power Lead

- 2 x BFT Mitto Remote Control Transmitters

- Brackets

Installation tips:

- A minimum space of 180mm is required between the centre of the hinge and any obstruction (wall/fence)

- Use 3 core flexible cable 1.5mm2 to wire the motors

-The motors are 24v, which means no electrician is required to run the cable across the driveway.

  • Delivery time usually 2-3 days through Courier or Australia Post
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