BFT Solar Power Sliding Gate Kit - Residential kit - Italian made - Deimos 400kg motor

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BFT Sliding Gate Kit - with Solar 

This sliding gate kit includes everything you need to install a sliding gate up to 3.5m opening. If you want the best for your home, this sliding gate kit is it! Featuring BFT Motor and Ecosol Solar Battery & Panel

We have compiled quality Italian made products such as the best selling BFT Deimos Ultra sliding gate motor & Combi Arialdo gate hardware to ensure the best possible gate kit for the Australian home. The BFT gate motor & Combi Arialdo gate hardware are Italian made offering the best quality components for your gate to run smoothly for a long time!

This sliding gate kit includes:-

  • BFT Deimos Ultra 400kg Gate Motor - comes with 240v electrical plug
  • The BFT Deimos Sliding gate motor features a 24vdc motor -
  • BFT Ecosol Solar kit 
  • 2 x BFT Mitto Remote controls
  • 4 meters of nylon gear rack
  • Combi Arialdo 3 meter lengths of Italian made (Total 6 meters supplied)
  • Combi Arialdo 90mm Recessed or External mount Gate Wheels
  • Combi Arialdo Gate Stop
  • Nylon Sliding block - suit 75mm post (let us know if you want rollers instead)

Italian made sliding gate motor & sliding gate hardware - BFT & Combi Arialdo

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The best sliding gate kit for your home by Powered Gates Australia