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Automatic Boom Gates for Traffic Control

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Boom Gates

Boom Gate Road Barrier BFT

Boom Gate's are traditionally used to control traffic in areas such as carparks, loading docks & various other commercial applications. Ranging in sizes from 3 meters to 8 meters in width, boom gates enable user access via a number of available options including keypad, swipe card or even a automatic ticket booth.

Powered Gates Australia offers quality & reliable Italian made boom gates which are suitable for low or extremely high usage. It is important to understand how many cycles per hour the boom gate will be required to perform so as the correct boom gate is selected. Alternative boom arms are available, including arms which fold (articulated) when a low roof is present. LED lighting and traffic signals can also be added to increase the safety of the system.

We can install Boom Gates in Melbourne and offer Australia wide delivery of Boom Gates for projects.

For all your  Boom Gate requirements, contact Powered Gates Australia on 1300 71 71 39 or email us at 



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