Palgate 4G GSM Gate Garage Door opener - Open gate by Phone

Sale price$682.00

The Palgate 4G Gsm gate & garage door controller is a device used to open automation systems from anywhere in the world! A quality product, this unit requires a 4G sim card to be installed into the unit and authorised users can call the gate to trigger the gate or garage door automation.
  • State of the Art commercial 4G & Bluetooth Gate Control Access
  • Palgate Extensive Controls 
  • Extremely Secure 
  • Free user App
  • Control and open and Close gates and doors easily - from anywhere in the world!
  • No remote controls required  
  • ​Control with "PalGate" free App or Web interface 
  • ​"PalGate" uses a Bluetooth Smart 128-bit connection which is extremely complicated to detect.
  • Max 50 users 
  • Create your own holiday close/open time 
  • ​Add/delete users from the optional application/web interface 
  • ​Operating power 12-24 DC - usually supplied by the gate motor (a regulated power supply may be required)

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