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The best sliding gate motor for the Australian market - Our picks and why?

The best sliding gate motor for the Australian market - Our picks and why?

Best Sliding Gate Motor

People often ask us, What is the best sliding gate motor? Which one is it?

It's difficult to answer however it is important to understand the user's application and then make a choice. Using reputable brands which have Australian backed support is a great factor in selecting the right sliding gate motor for your application.

Gate automation companies hail from all parts of the world including Italy, Germany, South Africa, Asia & Australia with the Italian companies being the most prominent. As expected, we haven't had much success with the Asian brands. They seem to lack in areas such as innovation, after sales support and of course, quality.

Here is our pick on the best sliding gate motors for the Australian market:-

Let start with residential motors:-

We at Powered Gates Australia love the BFT Deimos sliding gate motor range because we install lot's of these gate motors and they have proven to be a reliable and quality motor. The Ultra range offers more control by offering a LCD screen with advanced parameters such as adjustable slow down positions and variable torque settings, in both open and close directions. A simple and strong manual release offers trouble free engaging and the ease of installation makes it a stand out Italian made motor.



BFT Deimos Ultra Sliding Gate Motor (pictured above)

The Key Automation SUN range of sliding gate motors bring us a modern solution offering fast travel with speeds of up to 24m/min as well as the optional LED garden lighting which is controlled and powered by the 24v motor. The installer can adjust all motor and lighting settings from removable hand held programmer. A great option for modern Australian homes who look to integrate their gate with the rest of their home.


Key Automation Sliding Gate Motor


Key Automation SUN FAST Sliding Gate Motor (pictured above)

Key Automation integrated garden light system (pictured above)


Another honourable mention is the FAAC range of gate motors which deliver great performance. We like the the C720 model in particular because it offers a unique internal layout with plenty of room for accessories, easy mounting, exceptional mechanical performance and easy to use manual release lever.

FAAC Sliding Gate Motor

FAAC C720 Sliding Gate Motor (pictured above)

Industrial motors:-

Industrial sliding gates have even more complexity as generally more accessories are connected and business have variable needs such as speed, duty cycle as well as operation. 

The BFT Ares sliding gate motor offers a 24v solution for industrial sliding gates with a similar layout and control board as its younger brother, the Deimos. It can be solar powered or have a external transformer meaning no 230v supply is required at the gate. This is especially useful when you have a existing concrete car park and need to run power to the gate with 24v not required to meet local electrical regulations. With a motor capacity of 1500kg, the Ares certainly has the strength to cater for a large amount of industrial gates.


BFT Ares Sliding Gate Motor

BFT Ares Sliding Gate Motor (pictured above)

When larger industrial gate's need automating, the BFT Icaro is a known workforce and has been installed in Australia for approximately 10 years. This motor offers very intensive usage and a strong 2000kg max gate capacity.  The Icaro's control board gives the installer ultimate control with customisable inputs and a variety of parameters to adjust the gate movement to suit.

BFT's  Oberon offers a Italian made industrial fast motor with speeds of up to 39m/min and very intensive duty cycle. An impressive Italian made sliding gate motor with inverter for precise speed control. These motors are especially useful for long gates which need to be closed quicker.

BFT Icaro Sliding Gate MotorBFT Oberon Fast Sliding Gate Motor

BFT Icaro Sliding Gate Motor & BFT Oberon Sliding Gate Motor (pictured above)

The classic fast industrial motor is the robust Australian made GDS sliding gate motor, which offer's fast operating speeds to 37m/min and continuous duty. These motors are often used in applications such as airports, prisons and high security applications and offer features such as optional inverter and stainless steel covers for exceptional protection from the elements. 

GDS Gate Drive Systems Sliding Gate MotorGDS Sliding Gate motor (pictured above)

If any of the above products interest you, call us on 1300 71 71 39 or email at: for specific information.

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