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Swing Gate Motor Repair or Replacement - Automatic Gates Melbourne

Swing Gate Motor Repair or Replacement - Automatic Gates Melbourne

Are your Automatic Swing Gate Motors not working properly?


There could be various reasons for this issue. Firstly, what brand of automation are you using? Some lower-quality brands may only last a few years and could have problems. Have you checked if the automation was installed correctly? It's common to see swing gate motors mounted improperly, leading to issues like worn gearbox gears or motor failure.

At Powered Gates Australia, we have a selection of quality swing gate motors which are suitable for all types of swing gates. We can also repair Italian made motors which need some attention. A huge tip is keeping your control board free from insects by selling your control board enclosure and applying insect barrier spray.

We believe all swing gates should be fitted with adjustable hinges to allow for any ground movement over the years. This helps realign the gate level should there be some movement on the ground.

The use of a centre ground stop & gate locks such as magnetic locks, or drop bolt locks ensure a more secure closing position and are also specially recommended on gates with leaves over 3 meters

Powered Gates Australia offers a wide range of quality swing gate motors available with Australia wide delivery - we can also offer Melbourne & Victorian based installation

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