Power options for your for Automatic Gates! How to save $$$

Power options for your for Automatic Gates! How to save $$$

Powering your gate

People are often surprised when we discuss power options of a Automatic Gate system. The high cost of adding mains power to the front of your property could cost thousands of dollars. Thankfully there are some options which can save you money!

Typically, 230V powerpoint or hardwired connection is made at the gate. This is the most expensive option as mains cables legally must be buried 600mm below ground surface so excavation costs can add a huge sum to the total price. This needs to be performed by a licensed A Grade Electrician.

Here are some other options when considering powering your automated driveway gate which could save you thousands $$$$! 

- External transformer (24v motors only)

Bft external transformer box for automatic gate

The external transformer option is becoming increasingly popular because no legal excavation depth is required for running the 24v cable out to the gate motor. There is a small added cost of modifying the motor and wiring the transformer in a weatherproof enclosure. 

A powerpoint is required at the house or building where the transformer is mounted and a extra low voltage and safe 24v cable is run to the gate. A maximum distance of 100 meters is set and twin core garden light cable 2.5mm2 to 4mm2 is required to be used.

- Solar (24v motors only)

Solar panel automatic gate

Solar panels and batteries kits are also becoming increasingly popular, especially to home owners who live on acreage or have no power supply within 100 meters of their entrance gate or Industrial properties surrounded by concrete car parks.

The installer of the 24v Solar power system should design a system and should consider the following factors:-

  • Location 

(Brisbane has more sun than Melbourne, so the solar panel will perform better results in Brisbane. Brisbane average number of annual sunny days = 126, Melbourne = 46)

  • Motor type and accessories - Smaller motors will use less power...

(By adding accessories to your gate system, you are in fact increasing the overall power usage)

  •  Usage - how many cycles are expected per day?

(Typically, most basic solar units should deliver 10 full cycles per day for domestic usage)

  • Size 

(A small residential gate will have a shorter run time than a large industrial sliding gate)

Extra solar panels can be added to Solar power systems in order to increase the charging capacity. More importantly, extra care need to be taken when solar panels are installed as they must be installed and set to the correct angle according to the installation location. No Solar panels should ever be shaded by trees as this will have a adverse effect on the system performance.

For more information on powering your gate system, feel free to contact us on 0406011261 or the Contact Us tab above



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