Sliding Gates Vs Swing Gates

Sliding Gate's Vs Swing Gate's

One of the most common questions we are asked at Powered Gates Australia, is "What type of gate should I install at my home?

Whilst Swing Gates were the traditional choice for many years, Sliding Gates have become increasingly popular in recent years. 

Below, I will highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of Sliding and Swing gates. This guide should help you choose the right solution for your home, office or factory.



  • Swing gates look elegant offer a more welcoming feeling when entering a property
  • Suitable for residential applications only - Industrial Swing Gates are expensive and impracticle
  • No concrete work or steel beam is required unlike Sliding Gates
  • Quieter and smooth operation
  • Can open internally or externally


  • Installation of Swing Gate automation should be carried out by a professional
  • Swing Gates take up more driveway space
  • Can be affected by wind causing motors too work hard should your gates not allow wind flow though
  • Swing Gate automation and installation is more expensive



  • Suitable for Residential or Industrial applications
  • Installation is easy and simple systems are DIY friendly
  • Sliding Gates are more economical due to less installation time
  • Suitable for short driveways as little driveway space is consumed
  • Sliding Gates are very secure and don't require any locking devices
  • Sliding Gates are availble in different formats such as Cantilever (trackless) or Telescopic. 


  • Some front garden space is lost due the Sliding Gate needing a concrete pad or steel beam installed near the fence line.
  • Careful consideration must be taken when Sliding Gates are installed on heavy slopes
  • Must be kept clean as garden objects such as rocks or tree branches falling on the track could halt the automation.
  • Sliding Gates are generally more noisier than Swing Gates

Ultimately, it will be your property which dictates which type of gate will be the better choice. The available space and ground contour are major factors when choosing the right gate system.

For any advice, we can help you make the right choice, simply email your property photos to:

Swing gate installation


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brosis international

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Excellent! thank you for sharing!

It certainly can be a tough choice, we will contact you to get a quote for a sliding gate

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