Nice ROBUS 400 & 500 Fast Sliding Gate Motor Kit with Remote Controls & Gear Rack

Sale price$990.00

The NICE Robus Sliding gate motor is suitable for residential gates. This sliding gate motor is Italian made & offers a stylish and reliable automation for your home sliding gate. 

It features built in obstacle detection and operates at a good speed of 340mm per second (Robus 400) or 430mm/sec (Robus 500 FAST). The gate motor can have a range of accessories connected to the control board and features Blue-Bus technology which allows easier connection of accessories.

The Nice Robus motor comes with a 240v plug wired in however is also external transformer and solar power friendly with 24v supply to the motor. This motor is easy to install and suitable for fencers & DIY friendly

This Kit includes:-

1 x NICE Robus 400 or 500 Fast Sliding Gate Motor

2 x NICE Radio Remote Transmitters and Radio Receiver

4 x Nylon Gear rack

Optional accessories include:-

  • Safety Sensor
  • Keypad
  • Back up battery
  • Nice Solar panel & Battery Pack
  • + lots more, you can also connect Omgate or Remootio Wifi/Bluetooth to this motor!
Style: ROBUS 400