Beninca Tom Single Swing Gate Linear Motor - for gates to 5m & 700kg - Heavy Duty

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Italian Made Gate Automation


Beninca has been a leading automation company spanning over 40 years with a quality range of gate automation products, Made in Italy. The Beninca Tom 50 Linear Swing Gate Motor is a top-notch swing gate operator from Italy. This motor kit is perfect for both single swing gates at home and on the farm. Power it up with mains voltage, an external transformer, or even solar power!

At just 96mm wide, the new Tom 50 swing gate motor can effectively move a swing gate up to 5m in gate leaf size and up to 700kg. When the team at Powered Gates Australia were introduced to this motor we were immediately impressed with its quality and smart features including a removable top cover allowing for easy adjustment of the inbuilt opening and closing mechanical stops.

This superior swing gate motor can be powered by 230v mains, 24v external transformer or is also suitable for solar powered applications. Our heavy duty solar kits are suitable for this product. Check out more info via our online superstore.

The manual release wheel is made of brass to maximise its life and ensure reliability and long lasting operations. The main worm drive gear is protected by a seal and a stainless-steel shaft, making it suitable for use in dusty, sandy or harsh environments which are common in Australia.

The Beninca Tom 50 swing gate operator can open gates up to 120 degrees - motors need to be mounted in a certain configuration to achieve this.


This swing gate motor kit comes with:-

1 x Beninca Tom 50 Linear Drive swing motors for a single leaf swing gate 

1 x Control Board - for 24vdc motors

3 x Beninca Remote controls

Beninca Tom 50 Gate Motor Specifications:-

  • Motor Voltage - 24 volts DC
  • Current at use - 5.5A
  • Motor power - 89W
  • Maximum thrust - 2000N
  • Opening Time 90 degrees - 15 seconds 
  • Maximum gate width - 5m for open design gates, solid clad gates max 2.5m to 
  • Duty cycle - 80%
  • Height - 114mm Width - 96mm Length -1575mm
  • Weight - 9 Kg
  • IP rating - IP44

CABLE REQUIREMENTS: You will need to run 2 core for motor power (1.5mm2) and optional 3 core Security cable if you want to use the encoder function (4 core 0.5mm2)

Powered Gates Australia is an authourized distributor of Beninca Gate Automation systems across Australia